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Sudeb Roy Chowdhury
Mother Teresa was born in the former Yugoslavia and lived and worked for most of her life in Calcutta. Her service towards the poor of the city and for those around the world made her a household name in India and most of the world. She went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. This is a firsthand account of her life as seen by, a Calcutta journalist who covered her work for three decades. This biography was first published in Bengali in 1976. The present edition is an updated one and gives the reader a vivid description of Mother Teresa´s work and service for the poor of Calcutta and the world. It also talks about her early life in Skopje and how she came to be a nun in India.

IN THE SHADOW OF MAHATMA — A Granddaughter Remembers

Sita Gandhi, With Fifty Letters of Mahatma Gandhi
Edited by Uma Dhupelia Mesthrie
Sita, a grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi recounts with charming detail her childhood years at Phoenix Settlement, the farm which Gandhi started in South Africa. Gandhiji´s letters to Sita and her parents form the second half of the book. The letters provide an extraordinary insight into Gandhi, the grandfather. Even as he was engaged in discussions with the British and with Indian political leaders in the Congress and the Muslim League, he found time to write short notes to his family members.


Memoirs / Urban History



Samir Mukerjee
Edited by Uma Dhupelia Mesthrie
Calcutta is not an old city if one compared it to Benaras or Jerusalem or London. Yet, in its three hundred years the city has witnessed momentous events. In the last century, its character has changed through the decades. From the old world charm of colonial Calcutta of European businessmen to genteel Bengali bhadralok to the mixture of east and west in the Bengali upper class kitchen, much of the Calcutta of 1930s and 1940s are only tales of an almost forgotten city.

Samir Mukerjee, scion of the family of Sir R.N.Mukerjee, the great Bengali industrialist who among other things, built the Victoria Memorial and Belur Math, recounts a Calcutta that has passed by the Hugli. From the famine of 1940s to the communal riots of 1946 to the Naxalite rebellion, Mukerjee's pen captures all the sound and fury of our much loved and a bit hated city.

On one page we see Indira Debi Chowdhurani and on another Pritish Nandy and yet in another story Nandita Das jumps into our living room. Calcutta : A City Lived in and Remembered will capture the minds of all who have walked and lived moments in this city of joy. Samir Mukerjee has been nearly bedridden because of polio that struck him in his forties. Now, about eighty, he has taken in life lying on his bed and has written endlessly about old Calcutta. With his wife Anita by his side, he had written all the pieces in this book for The Telegraph, Calcutta's major English daily newspaper and the book has become even more lively thanks to the drawings of Debashish Deb.


Religion / Spirituality



Gaston Roberge The faith and life of a Christian today
Heaven How to find Heaven on Earth? This book says: look and you will see The book´s cover inviting you To look attentively Out of love for the Heavenly Father And for us Jesus took a human face In Him Heaven took a human face on earth The human face of Jesus Is not immediately perceptible on earth It must be seen through the lines The world traces before him Worldly ideas, fashions, selfishness, injustices Lines at times rigid, at times confusing Jesus is Heaven on Earth His compassionate Face At times radiating with joy At times pulsating with pain Enhances the humanity Of all people On earth

Gaston Roberge was born in 1935 in Montreal, Canada, and has been living in India, mainly Kolkata, since 1961. He is a teacher at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. He has an M.A. in Theater Arts (Film) from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). Father Roberge is widely accepted as an eminent critic of Indian cinema. He has written some 20 books on cinema, communication media and spirituality.